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You know, I am retired already. Not that the life ended, but the CV as if stopped running. It’s all of a sudden of no importance. No one will ask a man in 65 what his education was. He has life experience, that’s what pays to know things for to work with the vocation, profession or call it, the work that you can do cause you can. You know well where your limits are. You won’t apply for something you cannot. And if you apply for a job, it’s for sure the one you can best, you know that, and the HR people on the other end knows it as well. There’s no time left for trials and errors. That’s also known, on both ends.

It’s pretty not in that general logic that I am on my second (rather twenty second) career now, self-employed in some different than before, “artistic” field, meeting new friends and associates. I’d rather seek to utilize proven managerial, communications and organizational skills, you supposed, right. But I have also others, writing, handcraft, photography, video, music, acting and other skills obtained through a long life. And suddenly am keen just on how to promote these. Maybe in order to promote just me as an “artistic” person. (Maybe as well to support more “artistic” people by the dissemination of artistic and especially acting knowledge. All that attracts me not because of the “economic” remuneration in view, cause I can live calm with my social security aka pension. Well, maybe because this experience was never made and hasn’t yet run in my old CV. My talents and even long ago obtained skills in that acting were never employed, and it’s a pity, this is here the challenge. And I miss this badly for those personal reasons.)

What is to make?

(Master plan: I could work on to maximize the possible efforts of everyone that I know with various “social media” conduits, in order to share the maybe best practices – or seemingly best for the moment – for individual and collective presentations. For example, to promote an awareness campaign for best in arts, imagine some Artistic Mondays, maybe soon. Me as strong advocate of high quality artistic work, the recognition and support of time issues for the real work implied, as well as, against charlatans striving to come in between us who only want to obtain the results measurable in money, going the shortest possible way with no effort and no thrill, those priests of the ugly and the villain. Not like us knights and serfs of the beauty of the world and with every effort possible and every thrill ported in the flying soul, in pursuit of a unique creation coming out of a mind, hands and body, meaning our art for the eternity to stay. The core confidence shall focus onto the needs of the individual man or woman of the art and their desire for knowledge as well as on promoting or providing some tools to assist their efforts that I am or will be aware of. Building a network of supporters, maybe, that appreciate the importance – and urgency – of participating in these efforts to improve the lives and success of artists, and of others, who appraise to live with the art, of course.)

Now the actual 2x 2.500 chars about.me

There are two of them, my “about.me”s that aren’t CVs any more:

The older one since Jan. 19 2014 is @ http://about.me/mkirkov66

The newer one since Feb.22 2014 is @ http://about.me/michailkirkov

Besides, I maintain (as far as I can) some facebooks and twitters. And this blog.  Here are all my “socials” listed:

Recently I tried to build some other, kind of “about.me”s, like a flipboard or a visual CV by vizualize.me that aren’t even the mention worth… In other words, there are many people that are fascinated by the possibilities those sites offer. But I for myself couldn’t develop a necessary and sufficient affinity to go ahead with them.

Yea. That’s it. So long about me. C’est la vie 2013 1977 1972 1949

(c) 2014 Michail Kirkov
Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike 3.0

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